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       Madhav Engineering Co. is ISO-9001:2000 certified company of submersible pumps and motors in Rajkot- the engineering heart-throb of western India. Established in 1985, we are engaged in manufacturing of highest quality 'Messey Super'Submersible pumps and motors having annual productio of more than 10,000 pump sets. With strategically, located production facilities, cutting edge technology, constantly innovating R&D, stringent quality control,we've set our own qulaity standards.
'Messy super' pump sets are designed as per highest industrial standards specification like
          Using state-of-the-art technology like Pro-Engieer CAD/CAM designing and tested for complete quality assurance on various calibration systems.At Madhav Engineering Company, we believe in achieving the customers goal- Maximum value for money at minimum by applying innovative manufacturing techniqs, Catering to virtully every need of pumping water, 'Messey Super' pumps are considered as one of the best sets in india and abroad for its reasonable price, highest effiency and powerful performance.


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An ISO-9001:2000 Company