Þ What we make....
The Advantage you Get....

Þ Rewindable water-cooled & air-cooled motor using winding wire of high insulated quality.

Þ Motor suitable for wide voltage fluctuations.

Þ Corrosion and abration resistance high grade engineering polymers, stainless steel and special alloy pump components in submersible pumps.

Þ Lightweight, noiseless operation, high operating efficiency, low power bills.
Þ Single Phase Submersible Pumps : V-3, V-4, Openwewll (Special S.S. Body)
Þ Three Phase Submersible Pumps : V-4, V-6, V-8 (Special S.S. Body)
Þ Vertical & Horizontal Openwell Submersible Pumps (Special S.S. Body)
The Quality We Offer...

Þ All Messey Super submersible pump sets are designed and developed as per highest quality standards like Indian Standards ISI specifications for its performance and power.

Þ Due to higher effiency, the power consumption of 'Messey Super' pump sets is minimum compared to any other pump sets.

Þ So easy to install, operate and repair-even your local technician can repair 'Messey super pump sets.

Þ 'maximum performance at minimum cost' the maximum value for your money every time you buy a 'Messey Super' pump set.


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